We empower Women and Children.

We help women and children in under- deserved communities in Africa to have access to 21st-century skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for their sustainable living.

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About Us—

Girls and Women in Underserved communities are excluded from accessing quality education, basic social amenities, and resources that can help them create a better and sustainable future for themselves and their communities not because of cultural resistance or unwillingness to grow but because of Poverty. To help support these communities access these resources, TEDA FOUNDATION was founded, with a team of young people who are passionate about creating positive change in their communities and Africa, through community development/outreach, trainings, advocacy, empowerment, and social inclusion. The Foundation will be working with Key stakeholders, donors, and MDAs to ensure these communities have access to the basic social amenities they needed one at a time.

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Our Values

More about Us—

We support the less privileged in the society through; humanitarian services, medical support, educational support and giving of essential needs to the less privileged.

To ensure underserved communities in Africa especially women and children have acess to 21st-century skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for their sustainable livelihood and growth.
Empowering underserved communities in Africa especially women and children with the right set of skills and resources that will enhance their growth, achieve their full potentials and create a positive sustainable impact in their communities.
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Thematic Areas

Teda support foundation is working on these basic Thematic Areas which covers our missions, goals and objectives.

Education and Gender equality
Teda Support foundation will be working with community leaders,local and international organisations, government, private bodies and MDAs to support Africa children especially girl child in accessing Quality education and skills needed to create a better life for themselves.
Empowerment and Employment
Teda support foundation will be providing support through training, capacity building, community outreach and resources outsourcing for Africa community for a sustainable living
Good Health and quality living
Health is more than the absence of disease; it is a resource that allows people to realize their aspirations, satisfy their needs and to cope with the environment in order to live a long, productive, and fruitful life.Teda support foundation will be providing support on good Health, well-being, quality of life, and lifestyle for communities in Africa living no one behind.
Agriculture and food security
Teda support foundation will work to build resilient and sustainable agriculture and food systems in low-income communities in Africa, in times of crisis and beyond. We'll provide communities, agribusinesses, and smallholder farmers with financial and technical resources to design and implement projects across the food value chain, from 'farm to table and ensure food security in Africa.

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  • Eng. Temitope Dairo


  • Okeowo Segun Daniel

    Interim Director

  • Adefila Oloruntoba

    Project Manager


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